Who's pulling YOUR strings?

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When I bought my badge for Dragon*Con last year I was using the skeptipuppets ID for a lot of things, so if you happened to have seen my badge at D*C this year, and are looking for “me” check out the deathbypuppets tumblr, or cpillsbury one. 

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Death By Puppets

This is where all the stuff you might expect from Skeptipuppets is going to be. We have a logo now, so I think it’s going to stick. I (Charles) will still tweet and such here as Skeptipuppets occasionally, but usually you’ll find my stuff either on my personal blog/tumblr/twitter or on my Puppet A Week project.

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The Blatch in motion.  (incidentally, a huge hit with the kids)

I don’t know that we have any appropriate scripts for this guy… but maybe we should.

I’m now into recursive re-blog land where I’m reblogging my puppet troupe’s tumblr account’s reblog of my personal puppet building project’s account’s video.

I may have found the bottom of the rabbit hole… I have too many tumblrs… and I think I’ve split followers between all of them.

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A holiday greeting from my good friend, Dirk.

MJ is awesome… and now she’s posting lounge singing puppet videos? *swoon* (wait, are guys supposed to swoon? screw it, I’m swooning)

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Strange moment du jour

I was talking to a friend today (Thom Stanley) and he mentioned that he dropped a line to his friend Peter about the new Muppet movie… and it took a second to remember/piece together he was talking about Peter Linz (aka Walter) whom he has known for years, and is now a part of the Muppet family (Thom was part of the Muppet family too, for a while around the Muppets From Space era if memory serves).

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Cooking with Carl Outtakes #2: The Phil Plait’s Sock Puppets, singing Mahna Mahna, on the set of Cooking with Carl.